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The organization currently run three special care homes for children and one special care home for women. These Aashray care Homes are the created to fulfill survival & development opportunities to the HIV infected and affected orphan children, & HIV positive widow women who have been rejected by those close to them due to discrimination, death of parents/ spouse or financial hardship due to their HIV status& poverty.

The vision of Aashray Care homes is to let every HIV infected & affected child & women to live with dignity and courage. Children living in Aashray Care homes are groomed to be responsible, civilized and empowered citizen at par with the mainstream society. Women sheltered in Aashray Care homes are provided safe and conducive environment to learn & enhance life skills.


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Aashray Care homes for children and women provide very special and unique opportunities to volunteers from all over the globe

Aashray craft products

As part of skill enhancement training programmes for care home women, we are creating a variety of hand made craft items

Aashray Care Club Member

There are opportunities for volunteers to get associated with the Aashray care homes and become the members of Aashray care home

Fund Raise/Donation Support

There are various development projects which Aashray care homes create from time to time, these projects are available online

Training & Sensitization Programs

Aashray care homes have digital classes at all three care home locations. Volunteers would arrange various hobby classes online through these digital classes


Become Volunteer

Spread the awareness of helping people, so that they can live a normal life in the society and educate their children that everyone deserves.

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